All residential students must have appropriate medical information on file. Full time Adult Horizon students and full time graduate students who have the appropriate documentation on file have access to Health and Counseling Services.

Nurse Practitioner and nurse visits are free of charge. There will be discounted charges for stock medications and most lab tests.

A physical exam is $25.00. Allergy injections are $5.00 per injection.

Vaccine Charge
Adacel (Tetatnus) $36.00
Hepatitis A $50.00
Flu Shot $20.00
Gardasil $185.00
Hepatitis B (age 0-18 years) – series of 3 $9.95 per injection
Hepatitis B (age 19+) series of 3 $35.00 per injection
Menactra (Meningitis) $105.00
PPD (TB Skin Test) $12.00
Varicella (Chickenpox) series of 2 $115.00 per injection
MMR $65.00 per injection


Lab Test Charge
Glucose (in house) $5.00
HIV $7.50
Syphilis $7.40
Influenza (in house) $20.00
Mono (in house) $10.00
Pregnancy test (in house) $5.00
Rapid Strep (in house) $15.00
Urinalysis/Culture (in house) $8.00
Wet prep $5.00
Pap $35.75
Gonorrhea / Chlamydia (urine) $35.00
Gonorrhea / Chlamydia (swab) $35.00
CBC w/ diff $2.45

** HCS does not provide third party billing. Fees are greatly discounted and students are asked to pay cash or check, or amount can be charged to their Hollins account at the time of service. A receipt will be provided to the student for filing with their insurance company.

**HCS would like a copy of the student’s health insurance card(s) in the event an external source (i.e. prescriptions, referral) is needed. A copy on file gives HCS the information needed for outside services, preventing delay in the student’s care.