Eligibility:  Full-time undergraduate students, including Adult Horizon students, and full-time graduate students are eligible to use Health and Counseling Services.   Residential students are required upon admission to submit an immunization record, a complete health history and recent physical exam.  Completion of a health form is required before one can register for classes or be seen at Health Services.

Services Provided Include:

  • Gynecological exams (including routine pelvic exams; contraceptive counseling and prescriptions; pregnancy testing; STD testing; the morning after pill)
  • Immunizations (Tetanus; Meningitis; Hepatitis B; Hepatitis A; Varicella; Gardasil)
  • Counseling Services – providing counseling for depression, stress, anxiety, ADD, relationship problems, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual abuse/assault and other emotional problems.
  • Allergy injections given by a nurse during Nurse Practitioner’s hours for $5.00 per injection fee. (Students must provide their own allergy serum and instructions from an allergist)
  • Disposal of medications – students may drop off expired or unneeded medications in Student Health and we will ensure that they are disposed of properly.

Services NOT Provided by Student Health Services Include:

  • Emergency care for serious or life-threatening illness or injury
  • Medical services after regular hours or during official school holidays or breaks

For a list of local agencies offering discounted services for students, please click the link below:

Discounted Local Services

Confidentiality:  All student health medical and counseling records are confidential.  Information will not be released to anyone without the student’s signed consent, a court order or in serious situations, which compromise the health and well being of the student.  Medical records and academic records are not connected in any way.