Parent Information

Now that my student is away from home, how can I ensure that health care needs are being met?
  • Encourage your student to visit the Health Center and learn what services are offered to them
  • Encourage them to talk with someone if you feel that they are having difficulty with the transition of leaving home and starting a new adventure.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of services provided such as nutritional counseling; flu vaccines; free literature and someone to listen.
  • Make your student is aware all information in their health record is confidential and that no one can access it without their written permission.
What if my student needs a higher level of care?
  • Ensure that your student carries a copy of their health insurance card with them
  • Make sure that they know their health history (allergies; present medications; and family history)
  • Know if your student is evaluated in our health center and if a higher level of care is needed, staff will make sure  your student is referred to the appropriate place.
What if my student has special needs, what is offered?
  • Each student with special needs is welcomed to speak with staff in Health & Counseling Services to discuss their need and how they can be accommodated.
  • The Health & Counseling Services is handicap accessible providing access to health and counseling services.

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